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Albacete/Los Llanos visit on 26 and 27 September 2017

Flying Course 2017-3 

TLP - Flying Course 2017/3


Participants TLP2017-3



This E-2C with the serial 1 participated as back-up for the Nato E-3A AWACS.

Three E-2Cs are part of 4F and based at Lorient/Lann-Bilhoué, serials 1-3.


341 Mira

The Hellenic Air Force participated with three F-16C-50s and one F-16D-50. 341 Mira "Arrow (Velos)" is part of 111 PM "We wish to be brave" (Thucydides). The other units there are: 330 Mira "Keravnos (Thunderbolt) with F-16C-30/F-16D-30 and 347 Mira "Perseus" with F-16C-50/F-16D-50. The airbase Almiros/Néa Anchialos is located close to the city of Velos.


The MAGYAR Légierö (Hungarian Air Force) has participated for the first time in TLP. Three JAS39C Gripens, 31, 33 and 35, attended the event. The Gripens arrived from  Kecskemét on the 8th. of September supported by an An-26 (406).  


MH59. 'Szentgyörgyi Deszö' Harcászati Repülö Bázis is located at Kecskemét. The Puma unit "MH59.1 Vadászrepülö Század" flies with the Gripens.


From Italy a large delegation was present with six F-2000As from three different units (4º, 36º and 37º Stormo) and 2x Tornado IDS from 6º Stormo.

4° Stormo 'Amedeo d'Aosta' based at Grosseto.

6° Stormo 'Alfredo Fusco' based at Ghedi.

The 36º Stormo 'Riccardo Helmut Seidl' is located at  Cioia del Colle. Two units are equiped with the Eurofighter (F-2000A and TF-2000A in Italy), 10º en 12º Gruppo with the code range 36-xx.

37° Stormo 'Cesare Toschi' based at Trapani/Birgi located on de island of Sicily.

Two F-2000As came from the 9° Gruppo/4° Stormo .

Tornado IDS 6-07/MM7075 from the 6° Stormo. 

This Tornado 6-06/MM7036 is already upgraded to IT-MLU.

Italian F-2000A 36-31 MM7308 from the 36° Stormo with special tail dedicated to Ace Francesco Baracca. 

Count Francesco Baracca (9 May 1888 – 19 June 1918) was Italy's top fighter ace of World War I. He was credited with 34 aerial victories. The emblem he wore side by side on his plane of a black horse prancing on its two rear feet inspired that of Ferrari.

The 18° Gruppo is part of the 37° Stormo at Trapani. 

Two F-2000As from Trapani participated in the course.


Ala 11 

Ala 12

Ala 46

Esc. 472

A TLP-mission starts around 15:00 hours in the afternoon. A mass flight of around 30 aircraft is normal. EF2000 11-19/C.16-43 from Ala 11 based at Morón de la Frontera is one of them.

EF2000T 11-73/CE.16-04 on the flight-line ready for a new mission.

Ala 12 is located at Torrejón near Madrid and operates the     EF-18M+/BM+.

Ala 46 is based at Gando on the island of Gran Canaria, and present with two F/A-18A+s.

Gruppo Mixto 47 is part of Ala 12 and based at Torrejéon near Madrid.

Esc. 472 belongs to Gruppo MIxto 47. At Albacete one Falcon 20E was present (47-24) and participated in the role of external.

"Unfortunately we missed the Nato AWACS and the HH101A from  21º Gruppo"  

Photo gallery


With thanks to the Spanish Air Force Communication Department and TLP for their great support.

Volkert Jan van den Berg, Marinus Dirk Tabak, Jack Bosma and Ton van Schaik.

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