F-100D/F - 128TFS

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F-100D 56-3309, with red Flight stripe. Serial presented as 56309, should be 63309. Is ex Arizona ANG where the serial was presented as AF/56-309. Photo Dallas NAS 31-July-1976.

F-100D 56-3022, with red Flight stripe. Georgia state map on the middle of the tail. Photo Mc Guire AFB 1-March-1975.

F-100D 56-2981 in the initial markings. Only a yellow fin tip, GA for Georgia and round ANG emblem.

F-100D 55-2945 with yellow Flight stripe and shield ANG emblem. Photo Dobbins AFB 22-July-1975*

*The saddle back panel behind the cockpit removed indicates this aircraft is waiting for its first flight of the day. There are hydraulic pressure valves that are checked by the crew chief while the pilot cranks the flight control stick to bleed the hydraulic pressure down to 1,500 psi. This check is only required for the first flight of the day.

F-100D 55-2939 in initial markings with GA, and not yet a fin tip color. Photo Dobbins AFB 10-Sept-1974.

F-100D 55-2939, here in the later markings with blue Flight stripe, and shield ANG emblem. Photo Dobbins AFB 22-July-1975.


F-100F 56-3891 with yellow Flight stripe and still the round ANG emblem. 3891 was in 1972-73 in a pale gray scheme with the new Mexico ANG. Photo Dobbins AFB May 1976.

F-100F 56-3868 with blue Flight stripe. Photo Dobbins AFB 22-July-1975.

F-100F 56-3739 with blue Flight stripe.Transferred to the Turkish Air Force. 

F-100F 56-3726 in the initial markings, blue fin tip, and round ANG emblem. New style GEORGIA on the RWR. Was the then oldest F-100F in service. Photo Dobbins AFB 10-Sept-1974.

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