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120 PEA - Kalamata - "Virtue can be taught" (Plato)


In a dialogue with Socrates, sophist Protagoras maintains that virtue has to be taught by telling that the Athenians are of the same opinion. So now, Socrates, I have shown you by both fable and argument that virtue is teachable and this is so deemed by the Athenians, and that it is no wonder that bad sons are born of good fathers and good of bad. (Plato, 'Protagoras', 328 C)


361 MEA

362 MEA

363 MEA

364 MEA

361 MEA received a mix of more than 30 Cessna T-37Bs and T-37Cs on charge in the period 1963-1972. They were used for basic jet training at Kalamata. This picture shows a T-37C photographed in May 1993. The "Charlie" version was capable of carrying a limited amount of underwing weapons as part of the training sylabus.

Forty T-2E Buckeyes were obtained in 1976-1977. This type was based on the T-2C version in use with the US Navy. The T-2E is the only training jet aircraft of the Hellenic Air Force and is used for the final stage of young pilots training. Photos June 2007.

In the hanger for maintenance T-2E 160084 with 40 years Buckye Training 1972-2012. Photos September 2016.

T-6A 036 Helleninc Air Force "DAEDALUS". Photos March 2017.

T-6A  037 50 years 361MEA 1963-2013. Photos March 2017.

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