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Base-visits Ala 23 Talavera la Real and Ala 21 Moron de la Frontera  

Talavera la Real

Visits: 18 September 1989 ◆ June 2002 ◆ May 2004   

Moron de la Frontera 

Visit: 28 September 1989

F-5 bases

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Mainland Spain

F-5 units

Talavera la Real AB

Ala 73


(became Ala 23)

Escuadron 731

"Patas negras"

(Black legs)


(became Esc. 231)

Escuadron 732

"Patas negras"  (Black legs)


(became Esc. 232)

Ala 23

(former Ala 73)

" Pata Negras"

since 1987

Escuadron 231

(former Esc. 731)

Escuadron 232

(former Esc. 732)

Moron de la Frontera AB

Escuadron 202

"Gallo se mueve" (Cockerel really moves)


(became Esc. 211)

Escuadron 204

"Vade, vide et vice" (Go, look and win)


(became Esc. 212)

Ala 21


Escuadron 211

(former Esc. 202)

"Gallo" (Cock)

1971- 1992

In 1992 their F-5s moved to Ala 23.

Escuadron 212

(former Esc. 204)


1971- 1976

Escuadron 212

(former Esc. 204)


1982- 1992

Las Palmas-Gando

Ala 46


Escuadron  464

(with traditions of Esc. 462)


F-5 photos - different versions

The first built CASA/Northrop SF-5B CE.9-001/211-1 seen at Torrejon AB on 28 May 1979.  Photo ©Unknown/Collection Jack Bosma.

The reconnaissance version of the F-5 is the SRF-5A. AR.9-069/23-31 on the flight-line of Talavera AB. Photo ©Unknown/Collection Volkert Jan van den Berg.  

A welcome visiter at the Open House of Volkel AB in The Netherlands was SF-5M 23-04/AE0-010, photographed on 17 July 2007. 

Photo ©Volkert Jan van den Berg.

On the flight-line of Moron AB in May 1989 SF-5B AE.9-019/21-73. 

Photo ©M.Fournier/Collection Jack Bosma.

This beautiful air to air shot of SF-5B AE.9-018/23-26 was made in May 2004. 

Photo ©Bob Archer.

On final at Talavera AB is   SF-5B AE.9-022/731-22.

Photo ©Unknown/Collection Ton van Schaik.

Photographed in September 1986 SF-5B  AE.9-016/732-16. 

Photo ©Bob Archer.

Metal reconnaissance version SRF-5A AR.9-070/211-70 was present during the open house of Ramstein AB in July 1980.

Photo ©Unknown/Collection Jack Bosma.

In connection with the 50th Anniversary of Ala 23 SRF-5A AR.9-070/23-33 was painted in a special 1953-2003 scheme. Both photos were taken on 31 March 2003.

Photos ©Bob Archer.

SRF-5A CR.9-064/464-64 from Esc. 464 photographed in November 1979. Photo ©Unknown/Collection Jack Bosma.

SF-5B 23-12/AE.9-022 photographed during a base-visit at Talavera AB on 18 September 1989. Photo ©Volkert Jan van dn Berg.

Nice air to air picture of SF-5A A.9-052/21-12 in focus in April 1989. Photo ©Bob Archer.

Slideshow of Spanish F-5s from private collections of Jack Bosma, Ton van Schaik and Volkert Jan van den Berg.

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We thank the Cuartel General del Ejército del Aire for their great support to make these visits possible. The hospitality at Talavera la Real and Moron de la Frontera was great. We have forgotten the names of all the persons who have helped us with all our wishes, everything was possible and done very friendly.

The authors: Marinus Dirk Tabak, Volkert Jan van den Berg and Jack Bosma.

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