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Fetesti (LRFT)  - Baza 86 Aeriana - Cocargeaua (Borcea)

The shield has a symbolic meaning. Blue is for the sky, yellow for the sun. The propeller is the symbol of aviation, while the canon barell is meant for the defense against air attacks. The pink flower is the thistle in our country called "ciulin" and it is the symbol of this region, Bărăgan, which is not that much. Furthermore, this region is so windy, that the locals made a word: here the wind blows only twice a year - 6 months from one side, 6 months from the side of the opposite :). In this way, these flowers became the symbol of renaisannce and of being powerful regardless of the circumstances.


Escadrila 53 Vanatoare  ◆  F-16AM/F-16BM

Daily missions start from the new flight-line.

Each day 5-6 F-16s are on the line ready to fly. 

F-16B 1611 in take-off for a new mission in the afternoon of 3 September 2018.

After landing 1611 taxied back to the flight-line.

F-16A 1607 also flew on the 3rd of September 2018.

The predecessor of the F-16 is the LanceR. LanceR-A with the serial 911 is restored for display purposes. 

Constanta/Mihail Kogalniceanu (LRCK) -  Baza 57 Aeriana

The base was an annex from Baza 86 Aeriana at Fetesti during the period April 2004 - June 2018

On 1 July 2018 re-established as Baza 57 Aeriana

Escadrila 861 Aviatie Lupta

Literally translated Squadron 861 Air Hunter. Is equipped with about 10 MiG-21MF LanceR-Cs and three MiG-21UM LanceR-B trainers. Escadrila 861 is temporarily based at MK, the actual home base of the MiG-21s is Baza 86 Aeriană Borcea-Feteşti. In 2013 Romania bought the F-16. The first Vipers have been delivered since October 2016 and stationed at Fetesti. Fetesti was temporarily closed in 2013 for a major renovation and Esc. 861 moved temporarily to MK in April 2013.

With the help of the technicians this MiG-21UM LanceR-B with the number 327 could be photographed at a perfect spot. 

During our visit on the 4th of September 2018 a large exercise took place in Romania with the whole day flying activities with MiG-21MF LanceR-Cs.

Also part of the exercise was this IAR330M (SA330) '02'. It belongs to Esc.713 'Elicop' and based at Campia Turzii.

Operation Reassurance

The Royal Air Force has passed responsibility for the NATO enhanced Air Policing (eAP) mission in Romania to the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). The handover was marked with a ceremony on the 28th of August 2018 at Mihail Kogălniceanu air base in the southern part of Romania. The Typhoons from RAF's No 1 (Fighter) Squadron at RAF Lossiemouth, Scotland, deployed under Operation Biloxi from July to August. A detachment of five RCAF CF-188 Hornets took over the RAF Typhoons of the 135 Expeditionary Air Wing. Around 135 Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel will remain in Romania until December under Operation Reassurance, Canadian's contribution to NATO assurance and deterrence measures in Central and Eastern Europe. The Air Task (ATF) as composed mainly of personnel from 425 Tactical Fighter Squadron supported by members of 2 Wing (the RCAF's air expedition wing) and 3 Wing, all based at Bagotville, Quebec. The ATF was previously stationed in Romania for eAP from September to December last year and first deployed to the country as part of Operation Reassurance from April to August 2014, at Câmpia Turzii.

Source: AFM 

Câmpia Turzii (LRCT) - Baza 71 Aeriana

Shield of Baza 71. The seven towers symbolize the seven major castles in the province of Transylvania where Campia Turzii is located, including the castle of Drakula.

In June 2018 the badge of Esc. 711 was added to the MiG-21 LanceRs.

Tail of LanceR-A 6801.

Tail of LanceR-C 6840.

Flying activities on the 6th of September 2018

The whole day three LanceRs were flying. LanceR-C "6518 and 6840" and two-seater LanceR-B "071".

Dacian Eagle 2018

US Air Force F-15s from the 123rd Fighter Squadron, Oregon Air National Guard, and 131st FS, Massachusetts Air National Guard, arrived in Campia Turzii, Romania, June 13, 2018, to participate in the joint Romanian-American flight training event ‘Dacian Eagle 2018’.

In the past four years such deployments have been part of Theater Support Packages (TSPs) under Operation ‘Atlantic Resolve’. The five operational F-15 squadrons within the ANG take turns to supply jets and personnel for the deployments.

This year’s deployment is under the 123rd Expeditionary Fighter Squadron (EFS) and is a combination of the Oregon ANG’s 123rd Fighter Squadron (FS) ‘Redhawks’/142nd Fighter Wing (FW) at Portland International Airport and the Massachusetts ANG’s 131st FS ‘Death Vipers’/104th FW based at Barnes Municipal Airport near Westfield.

Each of the two participating units takes the lead for three of the six months in which a TSP is deployed.

All 12 Eagles involved – including six Oregon F-15Cs and five F-15Cs plus an F-15D from Massachusetts – arrived at Leeuwarden AB in The Netherlands on March 19, and participated in the Exercises ‘Frisian Flag 2018’ and 'Thracian Eagle 2018' at Graf Ignatievo in Bulgaria for four weeks in May and June, before heading to Romania.

F-15C 85-0111/MA from the 131FS on the taxiway of Campia Turzii on the 6th of September 2018 only a few days before the unit moved back to Massachusetts.

In take-off on the 6th of September 2018        F-15C 85-0094 from the 123FS. 

One F-15D participated, 85-0134/MA from the 131FS.

Dacian Viper 19 

F-16C Fighting Falcons assigned to the 457th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron, 301st Fighter Wing, Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth, Texas, took off from the 71st Air Base, Campia Turzii, Romania, July 1, 2019. While in theater, these aircraft will participate in multiple readiness exercises alongside NATO allies and partners to strengthen interoperability and to demonstrate U.S. commitment to the security and stability of Europe.

Photo gallery

Romania September 2018

Special thanks to: 

Volkert Jan van den Berg, Marinus Dirk Tabak, Jack Bosma and Ton van Schaik.  

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