On Thursday, April 18, 2024, the Multinational Air Exercise «INIOCHOS 2024», which started on Monday, April 8, 2024, has been completed.

The main host unit of the Exercise was the Andravida Air Base, from where almost all of the fighter aircraft of the foreign missions and the majority of the Air Force (AF) fighters operated.

In the exercise «INIOCHOS 2024», a total of 9 countries participated, the largest number of participants of Air Forces, so far, since the establishment of the exercise as INVITEX. In particular, France with RAFALE and AEW E-3F aircraft, the UK with TYPHOON aircraft, the USA with F-16 and MQ-9 Unmanned Aircraft, Spain with F-18 aircraft, Qatar with RAFALE aircraft, the Republic of Cyprus with an AW-139 helicopter, Montenegro with a B-414 helicopter, Romania with F-16s and Saudi Arabia with TYPHOON aircraft, completing 1027 sorties in the entire Athens FIR.

In the exercise, also participated Forces from the Army, Navy and Special Warfare Command, as well as Austria and Portugal with Intelligence and Special Forces personnel, who were involved in creating complex and realistic scenarios, while Germany participated with an observer team.

During the exercise «INIOCHOS 2024» were performed all types of air missions under an intense battle rhythm, day and night, covering the whole range of modern air operations in a series of high realistic and complex scenarios in an intense battle rhythm.

Foreign participants

Additionally, Austria and Portugal participated with intel personnel and special forces while Germany sent a group of observers

Hellenic Air Force participation

Spottersday the 10th of April 2024