110PM - Larissa


110 PM - Larissa "The more robust the more combat-ready one is" (Aristorie)


*An official disbandment ceremony was held at Larissa Air Base on 2 September 2011 for 346 Mira (346 Squadron) 'Iason' of the Hellenic Air Force (HAF), which formed part of 110 Pteriga Makhis (Combat Wing) at the base and was equipped with the F-16C/D. This leaves 110 PM with just one other F-16 squadron, 337 Mira Dioxis Vomvardsmou (Fighter-Bomber Squadron) 'Fantasma'.  At the time of our visit in September 2011 the F-16C/Ds were transferred to 330 Mira 'Keravnos' as part of 111 PM at Nea Anchialos, transforming it into a giant F-16 squadron.

F-4E 01504 from 337 MPK ready for a new mission in the air defense role. Camouflaged in "Aegean Blue" and delivered in1974 together with 35 other F-4Es. Photo May 1993.

337 MPK F-4E 68-0445 was transferred from the Indiana Air National Guard/163rd TFS to the Hellenic Air Force in November 1991. Seen in May 1993.

F-16C 501 is the only aircraft in the unit of 337 MPK with squadron markings on the tail. Photo September 2011.

Still wearing 346 Mira markings but now flying with 330Mira at nearby Néa Anchialos. Photo September 2011.

RF-84Fs were withdrawn from service after 34 years of active duty on 29 March 1991.This one is parked opposite the 348 MTA building. Photo June 2007.

RF-4E 7491 (ex Luftwaffe 35+44) from 348 MTA was repainted in the South-East Asia-style of the USAF after overhaul and modifications with HAI at Tanagra. Photo September 2011.

Additional RF-4Es for the Hellenic Air Force (348 MTA) were granted by the Luftwaffe in the fall of 1992. 7496 (ex 35+49) is still in Luftwaffe colors. Photo September 2011.

RF-4E 7519 on final in June 2007. The special colors were in connection with 25 years Hellenic RF-4Es and decorated by George Anthanasiadis.

Two photos of F-5A 70379 from 349 Mira. Larissa May 1993.

The Royal Netherlands Air Force delivered on 11 and 12 April 1991 (free of charge) ten NF-5As and one NF-5B directly from Eindhoven AB to Larissa AB. Former K-3069 became 3069 with 349 Mira. The eleventh NF-5A K-3074 was used as a spare source. Photo May 1993.

The secondary role of 349 Mira was also reconnaissance. RF-5A 97170 (with the cameras in the nose) in front of his shelter ready for a new mission. Photo May 1993.  

Hellenic Air Force received the following F-5s from various sources: