112PM - Elefsis

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112 PM - Elefsis - "Everything is achieved through diligence" (Menander, a Greek dramatist, 342-292 B.C.)


The most nostalgic squadron based at Elefsis is 353 MNAS. Its mission being Maritime Co-Operation. Their HU-16B Albatross were used for ASW, SAR, fishery and pollution patrols, plus some additional transport duties. Photo May 1993.

Eight C-27Js are active within 354 MTM. Photo June 2007.

355 MTM is the proud owner of the Canadair CL-215 water-bombers specialized in the fire-fighting role. This photo was taken in September 2011 during a detachment at Andravida. In the hot summer months they have detachments at different locations all over Greece.

Do28D 4087 photographed in June 2007 while it was not in active duty any more within 355 MTM, A few were obtained from West Germany during 1984. They served mainly in the liaison and crew training role.

C-130H 741 in SEA-style camouflage seen on the flight-line of 356 MTM in June 2007. The original twelve C-130Hs were obtained in 1975-1977. 

From the twelve C-130Hs ordered by the Hellenic Air Force ten are still in active duty with 356 MTM (two were written off). 745 is in the new grey style. Photo September 2011.

AB205A 4414 from 358 MED leaving Elefsis for a morning flight. The role of these helicopters is SAR. Visible is the broad yellow fuselage band. Photo June 2007.

For VIP transport duties 358 MED has a few Bell 212s active painted in basis white scheme with blue stripes. Photo June 2007.

Three A109Es are in service with 358 MED for ambulance duties. Photo September 2011. 

The Erieye EMB-145H AEW&C is an airborne Command and Control Platform (Command & Control - C2) with the capability of participation in air and surface operations. Four are in service with 380 AEW&C SQN. (Airborne Early Warning & Control). Photo September 2011 at Souda.

Hellenic Super Pumas (AS332C1) have a crucial social contribution as they are also used for search and rescue missions. It is yet another aircraft based in 112 Combat Wing with 384 MED. Photo June 2007.

They wear blue and gray camouflage. Left and right photo taken in September 2011.

Left a Gulfstream V and right an ERJ135LR. Both in service with 352 MMYP for VIP duties and seen in June 2007.

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