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Ηνίοχος 2022

Iniochos 2022 - Andravida AB (Greece)

Phases – Exercise Schedule

Exercise is divided into three phases

• Phase 1 - Detachment Deployment, 21-22 March 2022

• Phase 2 - Execution Phase: 28 March – 7 April 2022

• Phase 3 - Force Redeployment: 7-10 April 2022

DV DAY: 01 April 2022



HOT WASH UP - 7 April 2022


In order to achieve the objectives of the Exercise, the HAF FWS oversees the missions from scenario planning to debriefing and makes certain that they cover the full spectrum of missions currently performed by the HAF such as:

1. Offensive Counter Air Operations (OCA)

2. Air Defence Operations (ADO)

3. Counter Surface Force Operations (CSFO) including Air Power Contribution to Land Ops (APCLO) and Air Power Contribution to Maritime Ops (APCMO)

4. RECCE missions

5. Combat Search and Rescue missions

6. Time Sensitive Target missions

7. High Value Airborne Asset missions

The great impact of the exercise «INIOCHOS 2022» is also pointed out with the participation of plenty observers from various countries, like Albania, Egypt, Austria, North Macedonia, United Kingdom, India, Canada (observers arrived with a C-130J), Croatia, Kuwait, Morocco and Saudi Arabia.

Given the high level of the HAF personnel and our capability to conduct exercises involving a variety of weapon systems within one of the largest exercise areas in Europe, the exercise «INIOCHOS» tends to become one of the most competitive exercises in Europe and the Mediterranean region, and provide Participants with a high level of training and unique experience of participation.


In INIOCHOS 2022 the following aircrafts from various countries are participating:

Iniochos exercise "particularly important"

US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt expressed “his pride” in the fact that there participation from so many different elements of the U.S. Armed Forces, including the F-15s from Lakenheath Air Base, the F/A-18s flying off the Harry Truman, and an MQ-9 flying from Sigonella in Italy.

“This is mirrored in the growing complexity of the scenarios that the Iniochos exercise is demonstrating and the unique and broad number of participants that Greece is able to attract,” says Pyatt.

He goes on to say that: “This kind of bridge-building and the reinforcement of our alliance is particularly important at this moment as Russia continues its brutal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.”

Analysts at the Center on Military and Political Power at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies say that two elements stand out in this year’s drill at Iniochos 2022.

“First,” say analysts, “Saudi Arabia is sending observers for the first time publicly to the exercise. Second, Israel is using Inochios 2022 to rehearse some of the combat capabilities it would need to conduct strikes against Iran’s nuclear program.”

The military exercise comes amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. According to Channel 12 news, Israel and the other participating nations will be implementing initial lessons from the war in Europe during the exercise.

While none of the participating nations border Russia, the network said the drill would demonstrate their partnership and unity amid the possibility the war in Ukraine may spread to other countries. “It is a signal to Putin that these countries are working together to defend their sovereignty,” the report said.