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The last official flight of an ANG F-105 from Dobbins AFB GA was on the 25th of May 1983. The 128TFS flew F-105F 63-8299, call sign "Peach 91". For this occasion the aircraft was decorated in special markings by the late photographer Don Spering.The aircraft was flown to Patuxent River NAS MD as one of 18 F-105Fs and Gs to be barged to Aberdeen Proving Ground for use as targets for missile tests. 


F-105F 62-4418, Yellow Flight, ex Kansas ANG received in 1979. Photo October 1982.

F-105F 63-8294, Blue Flight, ex Kansas ANG received in 1979. TAC style serial presentation AF/63-294. Retired earlier in February 1981 to MASDC. Photo 1980.


F-105G 62-4422 in formation. Was the F-105G prototype. Low-viz ANG shield on the fin.

F-105G 63-8316 during a flight in October 1982.

F-105G 63-8328 shot during the Red Flag 81-1 exercise at Nellis AFB, Nevada, in November 1980. TAC syle serial, and lacks the Weasel teeth.

F-105G 63-8336, Blue Flight, at Dobbins AFB (ex George AFB, CA aircraft).

Visit Dobbins AFB in October 1982

Two F-105Gs ready for a new afternoon mission. In front is 24425 (62-4425) with in the background 38355 (63-8355).

The name on the intake "NAADA" of 24425 was retained from the period the aicraft served with the 17WWS/388TFW at Korat AFB, Thailand in 1972.

24425 and others participated in a DACT mission in the afternoon with two F-16Cs from Shaw AFB, 80-0494/SW and 80-0531/SW, both part of the 19TFS/363TFW.

Photo 24425, Red Flight, on this side full WRAPAROUND camouflage an low-viz weasel mouth.To American Legion Post 325 in Blissfield, Michigan

F-105G 24438 (62-4438), Green Flight. Went in March 1983 to the Museum of Aviation at Warner Robins AFB, later to Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, Ford Island, Hawaii.

F-105G 38274 (63-8274), Green Flight, now in the Glenn L. Martin Maryland Aviation Museum at Martin State Airport in Middle River, Maryland.

F-105G 38355 (63-8355), Green Flight. 

F-105G 38304 (63-8304), Red Flight, returning from the DACT mission. The aircraft taxied back very slow with a perfect background.

Two photos of F-105G 24439 (62-4439), Blue Flight, in WRAPAROUND camouflage still with full colour ANG shield. Circa 5-6 aircraft were painted in WRAPAROUND camouflage.

F-105G 38304 (63-8304). 

F-105G 38304 (63-8304), at the last chance point. 

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