117PM - Andravida

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117 PM - Andravida

117 PM "Defend yourselves against the enemies".

("Quotations from the Seven Sages of Antiquity", Stoveus' Anthology III, 8)


338 MPK "Aris"


Call Sign: ARES (Mars)

339 MPK "Ajax"


Call Sign: AEAS

In the second half of 1991 338 MPK received 28 ex USAF/Indiana Air National Guard F-4Es. They were donated by the USA in exchange for the continued use of several Greek facilities.  67-345 is one of them and was photographed near the holding-point of Andravida in May 1993.  

F-4E 67-381 was the final aircraft of the batch of 28 ex USAF/Indiana Air National Guard. A large Greek flag is visible on the fin. Photo May 1993.

The assignment of 339 MPK is 60% air defense and 40% fighter-bomber. 01511 is in the Aegean blue/silver air defense scheme. Photo May 1993.

F-4E 71751 of 339 MPK shows the SEA-style of colors for the fighter-bomber role. Andravida May 1993.

F-4E 01505 from 339MPK with "Phantom II 1974-2014" markings on the tail. Photos September 2016.

Technicians of 338MPK in front of their special painted F-4E 01510 because of 60 years 338MPK in December 2012.  Photos September 2016.

After modernization in the 90th years the F-4Es were painted in the F-16 style colors. During our visit to 338 MPK in September 2011 some aircraft were added with new fin-tip markings as can be seen on 01524. 

On arrival for the Open House of Volkel AB in The Netherlands on the 13th of June 2019 is F-4E 01507 with special markings "GOD OF WAR".

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