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From 15 April - 13 May 1976 four EB-57Es were deployed to Bitburg Air Base in West-Germany. Their homebase is Malmstrom AFB, Montana. Photo: 54240 (55-4240) from 17DSES/24AD visited RAF Alconbury, England, on 28 April 1976.

F-100D/F Super Sabres - 48TFW

In the period 1958-1972 F-100D/F Super Sabres from the 48TFW were based at RAF Lakenheath in England. In July 1971 the 48TFW was temporarily based at nearby RAF Mildenhall. The 48TFW consists of:

  • 492TFS - Tail code LR - Fin-tip color Blue - Squadron name Balans
  • 493TFS - Tail code LS - Fin-tip color Yellow - Squadron name Roosters
  • 494TFS - Tail code LT - Fin-tip color Red - Squadron name Phanters

F-100F O-63890/LR (56-3890) 492TFS

F-100D O-62987/LS (56-2987) 493TFS

F-100D O-63315/LT (56-3315) 494TFS

F-100D O-53678/LS (55-3678) 493TFS

F-100D O-62964/LS (56-2964) 493TFS

F-100F O-63884/LS (56-3884) 493TFS

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Other Golden Oldies

Lightning F.3 XN727/W from 92sq based at RAF Gütersloh, West-Germany. Here during the approach at Fliegerhorst Leck, West-Germany, on 5 September 1975 for the Air Show.

F-105D 62-4346/HI with yellow fin-tip from the 466TFS Air Force Reserve (AFRES) visited Tyndall AFB, Florida, in October 1982. The homebase is Hill AFB in Utah.

RF-104G 24+33 from MFG2 on final at his homebase Marinefliegerhorst Eggebeck in West-Germany on the 4th of September 1975.

334Skv from the Norwegian Air Force and operating from Bodø MAS sent F-5As to RAF Bentwaters in England for a squadron rotation with the based 81st TFW (USAFE) F-4Ds in August 1972.

F-100D 11-RF/42125 from EC3/11 based at Toul, France. Photographed during the open day of Toul-Rosières on 25 June 1972. 11-ER/42157 EC1-11 was also there.

J-35A 35089/51 from F16 based at Satenas in Sweden. This photo was taken on 30 August 1975. The next day this aircraft participated with many more J-35As in a very impressive mass flight with around 60 planes flying over the airbase during the air show.

Exercise Bulls Eye at Sola AFB in Norway. F-104G 22+87 from MFG-1 based at Jagel, West-Germany parked in front of other Marineflieger F-104Gs. Photo 25 August 1975.

Deployment Crested Cap brought 27 F-4Ds from the 7TFS/49TFW based at Holloman AFB, New-Mexico, to Bitburg AFB in West-Germany during the period 2 April - 3 May 1974. My visit to Bitburg AFB was on 11 April 1974 when this F-4D 66-7650/HO was photographed.

Another Crested Cap deployment now with 7TFS/49TFW took place in 1976 from 24 August - 25 September at Ramstein AFB in West-Germany. F-4D 66-7640/HO with green fin-tip was photographed on 31 August 1976. 24 F-4Ds were involved in this exercise.

Super Mystère B2 12-YB/99 from the French Air Force/EC1-12 and based at Cambrai, France, participated in the Nato Tiger Meet 1970 at Kleine-Brogel in Belgium. Photo 10 July 1970.

During the open house of Volkel AFB in The Netherlands T-33A M-53/51-8760 was seen on 20 June 1970.

Not often seen a F-111E with the tail code "JR". 68-0036/JR from the 79TFS/20TFW was parked on the flight-line at RAF Upper Heyford in England on 12 August 1976.

F-100D 11-ER/42269 present during the photographers day at RAF Lakenheath in England on 23 April 1976. The F-100D/Fs from EC1-11 were already out of service and went from their homebase Toul-Rosières in France to RAF Sculthorpe in England where they were demolished.

F-4D 65-0741/HR blue fin-tip from the 10TFS/50TFW based at Spangdahlem AFB, West-Germany, visited RAF Alconbury in England on16 July 1973.

FGR-2 XV463 from 14sq and based at RAF Brüggen in West-Germany participated in Tactical Weapons Meet 1972 at Florennes AB in Belgium. Photo 22 September 1972.

Deelen AFB in The Netherlands hosted the exercise Royal Flush in May 1970. The Danish Air Force participated with RF-8F Thunderflashes from Esk729 with its homebase Karup.

F-5A 14904 (67-14904) from the Norwegian Air Force/Skv336 visited the Open House of Bitburg AFB in West-Germany on 26 August 1972.

Seen at the Air Show of RAF Greenham Common in England on 7 July 1973 this Royal Air Force Harriër GR.1 XW922 from 233OCU based at RAF Wittering.

Ready for an afternoon mission is Royal Air Force Canberra PR.7 WH773 belonging to 39sq and based at RAF Wyton during the Nato recce meet Royal Flush 1973 at Florennes AB in Belgium. Photo 14 June 1973.

On final Royal Netherlands Air Force F-84F from the 315sq at his homebase Eindhoven. Date unknown.

F-4C 40862 (64-0862) from the 81TFW at its home base RAF Bentwaters in England. Photo May 1966.

Two 10TRW RF-4Cs ready for a new mission from their homebase RAF Alconbury in England in June 1971. 64-1074/AT with yellow tip belongs to the 32TRS.

The second one was 64-1002/AS with red tip from the 30TRS.

The 10th TRW was temporary based at RAF Wethersfield. This RF-4C 65-0919/AS with yellow/black tail-fin is part of the 30th TRS.

F-4C 64-0918/WR with yellow fin-tip on the taxiway of his homebase RAF Bentwaters in England. The 92TFS is part of the 81TFW. Photo August 1972.

Mirage-IIIR 33-TD from ER3-33 based at Strasbourg-Entzheim, France, participated in Royal Flush 1973 at Florennes AB in Belgium. Photo 14 June 1973.

F-4D 66-7772/HO 7TFS during Crested Cap at Bitburg AFB in West-Germany on 11 April 1974.

F-4D 66-8797SP 23TFS/Spandahlem Air Force Base in West-Germany during the Tactical Weapons Meet at Twente AFB in The Netherlands on 07 May 1976.

F-4D 65-0644LN from the 48TFW/RAF Lakenheath in England was photographed during the Air Show at RAF Greenham Common in England on 6 July 1974.

The Tactical Weapons Meet 1972 took place at Florennes AFB in Belgium. F-4E 69-7302/BT from the 36TFW/Bitburg AFB in West-Germany was photographed on 22 September 1972.

FGR2 XT897 from the 64sq photographed at RAF Coningsby in England on 15 June 1973.

Seen on the 27th. of August 1972 during the open house of Ramstein AFB in West-Germany was F-4E 69-0247/RS from the 526TFS/86TFW-Ramstein AFB.


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