Anatolian Eagle 2014


9-20 June

Mission AE-14/2

In the first week every day two missions were flown from Monday to Thursday with one morning wave and an afternoon wave, each with up to 60 aircraft involved in the exercise. On Friday there was only one mission in the morning. The second week from Monday to Wednesday two missions were flown each day and on Thursday one wave in the morning. A total of 16 combined air operation (COMAO) missions were flown throughout the exercise (all were successfully completed). Air refueling and also tactical transport with C-130 Hercules and CASA 235s was provided by the Turkish Air Force. On CSAR standby for search and rescue flight was 135 Filo flying with the Eurocopter AS532UL. AE2014/2 consisted of a Blue (friendly) Force achieving certain objectives and a Red (enemy) Force trying to stop them. 132 Filo with their F-16s from Akinci AB played in the Red Force "enemy" role.