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Hellenic Air Force

110 PM - Larissa "The more robust the more combat-ready one is" (Aristorie)


  • May 1993

  • June 2007

  • September 2011

  • May 2017

  • 337 Mira "Fantasma" F-4E, F-16C/D Call Sign: GHOST

  • 346 Mira "Iason" F-16C/D (disbanded 02-09-2011)

  • 348 MTA "Matia" RF-4E Call Sign: EYES (5th of May 2017: RF-4E retirement and suspension operations)

  • 349 Mira "Kronos" (N)F-5A/B, RF-5A (disbanded 05-09-1997)

An official disbandment ceremony was held at Larissa Air Base on 2 September 2011 for 346 Mira (346 Squadron) 'Iason' of the Hellenic Air Force (HAF), which formed part of 110 Pteriga Makhis (Combat Wing) at the base and was equipped with the F-16C/D. This leaves 110 PM with just one other F-16 squadron, 337 Mira Dioxis Vomvardsmou (Fighter-Bomber Squadron) 'Fantasma'. At the time of our visit in September 2011 the F-16C/Ds were transferred to 330 Mira 'Keravnos' as part of 111 PM at Nea Anchialos, transforming it into a giant F-16 squadron.

F-4E 01504 from 337 MPK ready for a new mission in the air defense role. Camouflaged in "Aegean Blue" and delivered in1974 together with 35 other F-4Es. Photo May 1993.

337 MPK F-4E 68-0445 was transferred from the Indiana Air National Guard/163rd TFS to the Hellenic Air Force in November 1991. Seen in May 1993.

F-16C 501 is the only aircraft in the unit of 337 MPK with squadron markings on the tail. Photo September 2011.

Still wearing 346 Mira markings but now flying with 330Mira at nearby Néa Anchialos. Photo September 2011.

RF-84Fs were withdrawn from service after 34 years of active duty on 29 March 1991. This one is parked opposite the 348 MTA building. Photo: June 2007.

RF-4E 7491 (ex Luftwaffe 35+44) from 348 MTA was repainted in the South-East Asia-style of the USAF after overhaul and modifications with HAI at Tanagra. Photo: September 2011.

Additional RF-4Es for the Hellenic Air Force (348 MTA) were granted by the Luftwaffe in the fall of 1992. 7496 (ex 35+49) is still in Luftwaffe colors. Photo: September 2011.

RF-4E 7519 on final in June 2007. The special colors were in connection with 25 years Hellenic RF-4Es and decorated by George Anthanasiadis.

Two photos of F-5A 70379 from 349 Mira. Larissa May 1993.

The Royal Netherlands Air Force delivered on 11 and 12 April 1991 (free of charge) ten NF-5As and one NF-5B directly from Eindhoven AB to Larissa AB. Former K-3069 became 3069 with 349 Mira. The eleventh NF-5A K-3074 was used as a spare source. Photo May 1993.

The secondary role of 349 Mira was also reconnaissance. RF-5A 97170 (with the cameras in the nose) in front of his shelter ready for a new mission. Photo May 1993.

The Hellenic Air Force received the following F-5s from various sources:

  • USAF-Military Assistance Program:

  • 52 F-5As, 16 RF-5As and 9 F-5Bs;

  • Iran (1975) 12 F-5As;

  • Jordan (1983) 13 F-5As, 2 F-5Bs and (1988/1989) 15 F-5A/Bs;

  • Norway (1986) 9 F-5As;

  • Netherlands (1991) 11 NF-5As and 1 NF-5B.

Final three RF-4Es flying on the 3rd and 4th of May 2017

From the left to the right:

  • RF-4Es 71765 (still in South-East-Asia USAF style) and the specials 7450 and 7499 ready for a morning mission on the 3rd of May 2017.

RF-4E 7499 - color scheme designed by George Athanasiadis

RF-4E 7450 - color scheme designed by George Psarras

111 PM - Néa Anchialos - "We wish to be brave" (Thucydides)


  • May 1993

  • September 2011

  • 330 Mira "Keraunos" F-16C/D Call Sign: Thunder

  • 341 Mira "Velos" F-5A/B, F-16C/D Call Sign: Arrow

  • 347 Mira "Perseos" F-16C/D Call Sign: Perseus

F-16C 143 from 330 Mira. Photo September 2011.

F-5A 38416 on a pole in front of the 341 Mira building. Photo September 2011.

Still in Royal Jordanian AF desert camp of sand, brown and green is F-5A 057 from 341 Mira. Photo May 1993.

In Aegean blue/silver air defense scheme F-5A 38405 also from 341 Mira. Photo May 1993.

Repainted in F-16-style camouflage and member of 341 Mira is this F-5A 97175. Photo May 1993.

In USAF South-East-Asia camouflage F-5B 608 from 341 Mira. Photo May 1993.

F-5B from 341 Mira. One of the ex-Jordanian AF F-5Bs still wearing the eye-catching desert camouflage of its former owner. After delivery from Jordan only the national markings were replaced by Hellenic AF roundels. Photo May 1993

Photographed over the Pagasitikos Bay on on 22 June 2010. F-16C block 50 with the serial 060 from 341 Mira “Velos” is seen here during the first flight with the 45,000 hours marking on the tail. Photo ©Hellenic Air Force.

F-16D 082 from 341 Mira photographed in his dispersal in September 2011.

Two pictures of 347 Mira F-16s. Above F-16C 053 and right F-16D 083. Photos September 2011.

112 PM - Elefsis - "Everything is achieved through diligence" (Menander, a Greek dramatist, 342-292 B.C.)


  • May 1993

  • June 2007

  • September 2011

  • March 2017

  • 353 MNAS - "Albatros/Triena" - HU-16B, P-3B

  • 354 MTM - "Pegasos" - C-27J

  • 355 MTM - "Ifaistos" - CL-215, Do28D

  • 356 MTM - "Iraklis" - C-130B/H, YS-11A-520

  • 358 MED - "Faethon" - A109E, AB205A, Bell 212

  • 380 Mira ASEPE - "Uranos" - EMB145H AEW&C

  • 384 MED - "Puma" - AS332C1

  • 352 MMYP - "Name?" - ERJ135LR, Gulfstream V

The most nostalgic squadron based at Elefsis is 353 MNAS. Its mission being Maritime Co-Operation. Their HU-16B Albatross were used for ASW, SAR, fishery and pollution patrols, plus some additional transport duties. Photo May 1993.

Eight C-27Js are active within 354 MTM. Photo June 2007.

355 MTM is the proud owner of the Canadair CL-215 water-bombers specialized in the fire-fighting role. This photo was taken in September 2011 during a detachment at Andravida. In the hot summer months they have detachments at different locations all over Greece.

Do28D 4087 photographed in June 2007 while it was not in active duty any more within 355 MTM, A few were obtained from West Germany during 1984. They served mainly in the liaison and crew training role.

C-130H 741 in SEA-style camouflage seen on the flight-line of 356 MTM in June 2007. The original twelve C-130Hs were obtained in 1975-1977.

From the twelve C-130Hs ordered by the Hellenic Air Force ten are still in active duty with 356 MTM (two were written off). 745 is in the new grey style. Photo September 2011.

AB205A 4414 from 358 MED leaving Elefsis for a morning flight. The role of these helicopters is SAR. Visible is the broad yellow fuselage band. Photo June 2007.

For VIP transport duties 358 MED has a few Bell 212s active painted in basis white scheme with blue stripes. Photo June 2007.

Three A109Es are in service with 358 MED for ambulance duties. Photo September 2011.

The Erieye EMB-145H AEW&C is an airborne Command and Control Platform (Command & Control - C2) with the capability of participation in air and surface operations. Four are in service with 380 AEW&C SQN. (Airborne Early Warning & Control). Photo September 2011 at Souda.

Hellenic Super Pumas (AS332C1) have a crucial social contribution as they are also used for search and rescue missions. It is yet another aircraft based in 112 Combat Wing with 384 MED.

They wear blue and gray camouflage. Left and right photo taken in September 2011.

Left a Gulfstream V and right an ERJ135LR. Both in service with 352 MMYP for VIP duties and seen in September 2011.

113 PM - Thessaloniki-Micra & Cedes

"Die for your Country" - The Wing’s emblem represents an aircraft formation flying over the White Tower in Thessaloniki. The motto "Die for your Country" comes from Demetrius Phalireas' collection of "Quotations of the Seven Sages of Antiquity" and is attributed to Periandros from Korinthons, one of the seven wise of antiquity.

Visit: May 1993

343 Mai "Asteri"

F-5A/B, NF-5A/B

355/1 STM "Ifaistos"


343 Mai is responsible for the air defense of the Macedonian area. This F-5A returned from a mission in May 1993.

A number of F-5As were seen in the Aegean blue/silver air defense scheme. Photo May 1993.

Another Aegean blue/silver air defense scheme F-5A.

This F-5B is in the F-16-style colors.

C-47B Dakota with the serial 622 from 355/1 STM based at Thessaloniki-Cédes made a visit to the southern air base Néa Anchialos on 25 May 1993.

114 PM - Tanagra - "Always be on your guard" (Homer)

Polydamas, friend of Hector, a very eloquent person, incites his fellow-warriors of Troy to go within the walls of the city in order to avoid the wrath of Achilles, owing to his friend Patroclus' death. Hector, the bravest of the brave of Trojans does not agree with Polydamas and insists that all warriors should resist outside the walls of the city and should be vigilant. Nay, come; even as I shall bid, let us all obey: for this present take your supper throughout the host by companies, and take heed to keep watch; and be wakeful every man. (Iliad, S 297-9; Loeb, by A.T. Murray).


  • May 1993

  • June 2007

  • September 2011

  • September 2016

  • March 2017

331 MPK "Thiseas"

Mirage 2000-5BG/5EG

blue-white fin-tip

Call Sign: THESEUS

332 MPK "Geraki"

Mirage 2000BG/EG

black-white fin-tip

Call Sign: HAWK

342 MPK "Sparta"

Mirage F1CG

(operations of 342MPK were suspended on the 30th of June 2003)

Four Mirage 2000BG operational conversion trainers were delivered to the Hellenic Air Force together with thirty-six Mirage 2000EG multi-role single-seaters. The first new aircraft arrived at Tanagra on 21 March 1988 and the final one on 18 November 1992. Photo of Mirage 2000BG number 201 of 332 MPK with black-white fin-tip in September 2011.

Mirage 2000EG 237 from 332 MPK returned from a morning mission in September 2016.

A technician got the opportunity to join a flight in a Mirage 2000-5BG of 331 MPK as a back seater in September 2016.

Photo above: Line-up of 331 MPK Mirages ready for a afternoon mission.

Photo below: Mirage 2000-5BG 505 on final.

Tanagra September 2016.

The Mirage F.1CGs were retired from service on 30 June 2003 after 28 years of continuous operation and the function of 342 MPK was suspended. Finally two were painted in speciale colors. Seen here in June 2007 is number 115 with the markings of 342 MPK "Sparta".

The other special painted Mirage F.1CG is number 129 in the colors of 334 MPK "Talos".

40 French Mirage F.1CG interceptors were ordered in 1974, with deliveries in the period 1975-1978. Two squadrons were formed 342 MPK and 334 MPK (334 MPK left Tanagra in 1988 for Agrinio). Photo of number 137 in May 1993.

T-33As of the 366 SEE are utilized for area familiarization and procedure training. Photos above and below were taken in May 1993.

115 PM - Souda (Crete) - "Virtue is achieved through pain" (Euripides)

In the following verses the chorus addresses Iolaos. "Ah, cast thee not down, but endure heaven's stroke, nor thy spirit surrender unto anguished despair. She hath won her a portion in death that the world shall praise, who hath out of her agony risen, her brethen' s, our Athens' defender; And a crown shall she wear of renown that the worship of men on her brows shall place: For through tangle of trouble doth virtue unfaltering fare." (EURIPIDES, Children of Hercules, v. 619-25, Loeb, by A.S. Way).


September 2011

340 MV


F-16C/D block 52+

Call Sign: FOX

343 MV


F-16C/D block 52+

Call Sign: STA

Photographed in September 2011 F-16C number 537 of 340 MV with the DEMO TEAM F-16 "ZEUS" markings.


Forming the Team Group consisting of Squadron Leader David Graham (Flying Instructor), Captain Steve Masek (Flight Safety Officer) & Chief Master Sergeant Kerry Clark (Ground Crew Instructor and Narrator) began the training of Captain Captain Emmanuel Karahalios from 340 Sq, Captain Dimitrios Kontoulis from 343 Sq and the ground crew support members.

A 28-days Training Program began on January 4th, 2010 and completed succesfully on February 1st, 2010, at 115 Combat Wing, in Souda Air Base.

After months of continuously intense training, at November 7th, 2010, the HAF's F-16 Demo Team held its first official air show at 114 Combat Wing at Tanagra Air Base.

F-16D block 52+ from 340 MV returning to his shelter after a morning mission. Photo September 2011,

Greece is the launch customer for the CFT. The new conformal fuel tanks (CFT) gives the aircraft significantly add to mission radius. Seen in September 2011 is number 513 (both sides with CFT between the cockpit and the fin).

343 MV has six two-seater trainers flying with the unit. Photographed in September 2011 is F-16D block 52+ number 618 ready for a afternoon mission.

From 1960-1975 the F-84F was in active duty at Souda Air Base. Still present in September 2011 is number 815.

116 PM - Åraxos


  • May 1993

  • June 2007

  • September 2011

  • September 2016

  • March 2017


The delegates of the Corinthians, addressing their allies Lacedemonians before the outbreak of the Peloponesian War, praise the qualities of the people of Athens.

"... Whereas you are disposed merely to keep what you have, to devise nothing new, and, when you do take action, not to carry to completion even what is indispensable. Again, they are bold beyond their strength, venturesome beyond their better judgement, and sanguine in the face of dangers."

(Thucydides, Histories 1, 70, 2-3; Loeb, by C. Forster Smith.)

335 MV



F-16C/D Block 52+

Call Sign: TIGER

Member of Nato Tigers since 1972

In front of the 335 MV building on pole a F-104G in tiger colors. Photo June 2007.

Opposite the 335MV Building. Photo September 2016.

336 MV



F-16C/D Block 52+

Call Sign: HAWK

A-7E Corsair, BuNo 160616, from 336 MV "Olympos" based at Araxos, Greece. It was painted up this way in November 2007 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the squadron. Photo: Florennes AB, Belgium, 4 July 2008.

During our visit in May 1993 the retirement of the F-104G/TF-104G was already completed in March 1993 and the A-7E arrived. It was a surprise that F-104G number 32720 was still at Araxos in 50th. Anniversary colors of 335 MV.

F-104G 7151 was photographed in May 1993 and was still in 50th. Anniversary colors of 336 MV.

A-7E 158825 of 335 MV in 60th. Anniversary colors seen on the taxiway of Araxos in June 2007.

F-16s from Araxos participated in the exercise INIOHOS 2017 which took place at nearby Andravida Air Base. The photo was taken on the 20th of March 2017 and shows 017 from 335MV with CFT tanks.

At the moment of our visit in September 2011 around 20 A-7Es/TA-7Cs were operational with 336 MV.

TA-7C 156790 of 336 MV ready for a morning mission in September 2011.

F-16C 1045 (ex USAF serial 93-1045/ED) of 335 MV. This aircraft returned from the USA in spring 2016 were it was a test plane part of 412nd TW since May 1997. In the USA it flew at Edwards AFB in California. Photo September 2016.

F-16D 026 from 335 MV photographed on the 30th of March 2017.

117 PM - Andravida

117 PM "Defend yourselves against the enemies".

("Quotations from the Seven Sages of Antiquity", Stoveus' Anthology III, 8)


338 MPK "Aris"


Call Sign: ARES (Mars)

339 MPK "Ajax"


Call Sign: AEAS

In the second half of 1991 338 MPK received 28 ex USAF/Indiana Air National Guard F-4Es. They were donated by the USA in exchange for the continued use of several Greek facilities. 67-345 is one of them and was photographed near the holding-point of Andravida in May 1993.

F-4E 67-381 was the final aircraft of the batch of 28 ex USAF/Indiana Air National Guard. A large Greek flag is visible on the fin. Photo May 1993.

The assignment of 339 MPK is 60% air defense and 40% fighter-bomber. 01511 is in the Aegean blue/silver air defense scheme. Photo May 1993.

F-4E 71751 of 339 MPK shows the SEA-style of colors for the fighter-bomber role. Andravida May 1993.

F-4E 01505 from 339MPK with "Phantom II 1974-2014" markings on the tail. Photos September 2016.

Technicians of 338MPK in front of their special painted F-4E 01510 because of 60 years 338MPK in December 2012. Photos September 2016.

After modernization in the 90th years the F-4Es were painted in the F-16 style colors. During our visit to 338 MPK in September 2011 some aircraft were added with new fin-tip markings as can be seen on 01524.

Carousel imageCarousel image

On arrival for the Open House of Volkel AB in The Netherlands on the 13th of June 2019 is F-4E 01507 with special markings "GOD OF WAR".

120 PEA - Kalamata - "Virtue can be taught" (Plato)


In a dialogue with Socrates, sophist Protagoras maintains that virtue has to be taught by telling that the Athenians are of the same opinion. So now, Socrates, I have shown you by both fable and argument that virtue is teachable and this is so deemed by the Athenians, and that it is no wonder that bad sons are born of good fathers and good of bad. (Plato, 'Protagoras', 328 C)


  • May 1993

  • June 2007

  • September 2016

  • March 2017

361 MEA


T-37B/C, T-6A

Call Sign: MISTRAS

362 MEA



Call Sign: NESTOR

363 MEA



Call Sign: DANAOS

364 MEA



361 MEA received a mix of more than 30 Cessna T-37Bs and T-37Cs on charge in the period 1963-1972. They were used for basic jet training at Kalamata. This picture shows a T-37C photographed in May 1993. The "Charlie" version was capable of carrying a limited amount of underwing weapons as part of the training sylabus.

Forty T-2E Buckeyes were obtained in 1976-1977. This type was based on the T-2C version in use with the US Navy. The T-2E is the only training jet aircraft of the Hellenic Air Force and is used for the final stage of young pilots training. Photos June 2007.

In the hanger for maintenance work T-2E 160084 with 40 years Buckye/Training 1972-2012. Photos September 2016.

T-6A 036 Helleninc Air Force "DAEDALUS". Photos March 2017

T-6A 037 50 years 361MEA 1963-2013. Photos March 2017

Hellenic Army


  • AB205A

  • AB206B

  • AH-64A

  • NH300C

  • U-17A/B

  • UH-1H

1 TEAS - Stafanovikion


  • September 2011

Line-up of many UH-1Hs at Stefanovikion on 2 September 2011. The UH-1Hs are with the units:

  • 1TEAS - 1LE/2LE/LD

  • 1TEEP - LD

  • SAS - 2LE

All the U-17s are parked on a massive flight-line. Bothe units, the 1 TEAS and 3 TEAS, are equipped with the U-17A/B.

U-17A ES294 belongs to 1TEAS - 3LA/E.

On the day of our visit in September 2011 there were less flying activities. Seen here is UH-1H ES829 from SAS/2LE.

This AH-64A ES1006 is from 1 TEEP and ready for a new mission. In 1995 20 AH-64A+ were purchased.

Coming back is NH300C number ES117 from SAS/1 LEE.


  • AB205A

  • AB206B

  • AB212

  • AH-64DHA

  • C-12C

  • C-12R/AP

  • CH-47D/SD

  • U-17A/B

  • UH-1H

2 TEAS - Mégara


  • September 2011

This AB205A number ES628 is from 2 TEAS.

AB212s from the 4 TEAS-3 LA/E are used for VIP duties.

Two C-12R/APs are active with the 4 TEAS-3 LA/E for VIP duties.

In the range of ES901-ES910 nine CH-47Ds are operational with 4 TEAS/1 LE and 4 TEAS/2 LE.

In the period of 2001-2002 seven new CH-47SDs were delivered. They were divided into the two units: 4 TEAS/1 LE and 4 TEAS/2 LE.

The U-17A/B entered service in the Hellenic Army Aviation, during the period 1965-1976, whilst a number of them withdrew in 1982, due to advanced age. The difference between the "A" and "B" types is primarily a more powerful engine and some improved flight characteristics. The U-17 constitutes a reliable and low cost asset for use in logistics missions, emergency mail delivery, and command & control assignments.

Hellenic Army Aviation received the UH-1H helicopters gradually from 1969 to 1981. In 1993, a number of used helicopters were delivered by the United States Army. Despite their many years in active service, their high degree of reliability and safety renders them the backbone of Hellenic Army Aviation's air fleet, remaining in inventory of all of its units. ES624 is from 2 TEAS.

In 2003 Greece signed a contract for 12 AH-64D Longbow and were delivered in the period 2007-2008. ES1022 is from 2 TEEP.

At the end of our visit a demonstration was given by a CH-47SD (in the back) and an AH-64DHA "Longboat".



Many thanks to the Ministry of Defense of Greece, the Headquarters of the Hellenic Air Force and Army for their great support to make these visits possible. We also thank the individual persons at all those bases who helped us to fulfill our wishes, everything was possible and they helped us very friendly all the time. And finally we thank the Dutch Embassies in Athens and Rome for their cooperation.

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