113 PM - Thessaloniki-Micra & Cedes

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113 PM - Thessaloniki-Micra & Cedes

"Die for your Country" - The Wing’s emblem represents an aircraft formation flying over the White Tower in Thessaloniki. The motto "Die for your Country" comes from Demetrius Phalireas' collection of "Quotations of the Seven Sages of Antiquity" and is attributed to Periandros from Korinthons, one of the seven wise of antiquity.


  • May 1993

343 Mai "Asteri"

  • F-5A/B, NF-5A/B

355/1 STM "Ifaistos"

  • C-47A/B

343 Mai is responsible for the air defense of the Macedonian area. This F-5A returned from a mission in May 1993.

A number of F-5As were seen in the Aegean blue/silver air defense scheme. Photo May 1993.

Another Aegean blue/silver air defense scheme F-5A.

This F-5B is in the F-16-style colors.

C-47B Dakota with the serial 622 from 355/1 STM based at Thessaloniki-Cédes made a visit to the southern located air base Néa Anchialos on 25 May 1993.

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