114 PM - Tanagra

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 114 PM - Tanagra - "Always be on your guard" (Homer)

Polydamas, friend of Hector, a very eloquent person, incites his fellow-warriors of Troy to go within the walls of the city in order to avoid the wrath of Achilles, owing to his friend Patroclus' death. Hector, the bravest of the brave of Trojans does not agree with Polydamas and insists that all warriors should resist outside the walls of the city and should be vigilant. Nay, come; even as I shall bid, let us all obey: for this present take your supper throughout the host by companies, and take heed to keep watch; and be wakeful every man. (Iliad, S 297-9; Loeb, by A.T. Murray).


331 MPK "Thiseas"

332 MPK "Geraki"

342 MPK "Sparta"

(operations of 342MPK were suspended on the 30th of June 2003)

Four Mirage 2000BG operational conversion trainers were delivered to the Hellenic Air Force together with thirty-six Mirage 2000EG multi-role single-seaters. The first new aircraft arrived at Tanagra on 21 March 1988 and the final one on 18 November 1992. Photo of Mirage 2000BG number 201 of 332 MPK with black-white fin-tip in September 2011.

Mirage 2000EG 237 from 332 MPK returned from a morning mission in September 2016. 

A technician got the opportunity to join a flight in a Mirage 2000-5BG  of 331 MPK as a back seater in September 2016.  

Photo above: Line-up of 331 MPK Mirages ready for a afternoon mission.

Photo below: Mirage 2000-5BG 505 on final.

Tanagra September 2016.

The Mirage F.1CGs were retired from service on 30 June 2003 after 28 years of continuous operation and the function of 342 MPK was suspended. Finally two were painted in speciale colors. Seen here in June 2007 is number 115 with the markings of 342 MPK "Sparta".

The other special painted Mirage F.1CG is number 129 in the colors of 334 MPK "Talos".

40 French Mirage F.1CG interceptors were ordered in 1974, with deliveries in the period 1975-1978. Two squadrons were formed 342 MPK and 334 MPK (334 MPK left Tanagra in 1988 for Agrinio). Photo of number 137 in May 1993.

T-33As of the 366 SEE are utilized for area familiarization and procedure training. Photos above and below were taken in May 1993.

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