Mégara - 2TEAS

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2 TEAS - Mégara


This AB205A number ES628 is from 2 TEAS. 

AB212s from the 4 TEAS-3 LA/E are used for VIP duties.

Two C-12R/APs are active with the 4 TEAS-3 LA/E for VIP duties. 

In the range of ES901-ES910 nine CH-47Ds are operational with 4 TEAS/1 LE and 4 TEAS/2 LE.

In the period of 2001-2002 seven new CH-47SDs were delivered. They were divided into the two units: 4 TEAS/1 LE and 4 TEAS/2 LE. 

The U-17A/B entered service in the Hellenic Army Aviation, during the period 1965-1976, whilst a number of them withdrew in 1982, due to advanced age. The difference between the "A" and "B" types is primarily a more powerful engine and some improved flight characteristics. The U-17 constitutes a reliable and low cost asset for use in logistics missions, emergency mail delivery, and command & control assignments.

Hellenic Army Aviation received the UH-1H helicopters gradually from 1969 to 1981. In 1993, a number of used helicopters were delivered by the United States Army. Despite their many years in active service, their high degree of reliability and safety renders them the backbone of Hellenic Army Aviation's air fleet, remaining in inventory of all of its units. ES624 is from 2 TEAS. 

In 2003 Greece signed a contract for 12 AH-64D Longbow and were delivered in the period 2007-2008. ES1022 is from 2 TEEP. 

At the end of our visit a demonstration was given by a  CH-47SD (in the back) and an AH-64DHA "Longboat".  

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