116 PM - Åraxos 

116 PM - Åraxos 



The delegates of the Corinthians, addressing their allies Lacedemonians before the outbreak of the Peloponesian War, praise the qualities of the people of Athens.

"... Whereas you are disposed merely to keep what you have, to devise nothing new, and, when you do take action, not to carry to completion even what is indispensable. Again, they are bold beyond their strength, venturesome beyond their better judgement, and sanguine in the face of dangers."

(Thucydides, Histories 1, 70, 2-3; Loeb, by C. Forster Smith.)

335 MV "Tigreis"

Call Sign: TIGER

Member of Nato Tigers since 1972

In front of the 335 MV building on pole a F-104G in tiger colors. Photo June 2007.

Opposite the 335MV Building. Photo September 2016.

336 MV "Olympos"

Call Sign: HAWK

A-7E Corsair, BuNo 160616, from 336 MV "Olympos" based at Araxos, Greece. It was painted up this way in November 2007 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the squadron. Photo: Florennes AB, Belgium, 4 July 2008. 

During our visit in May 1993 the retirement of the F-104G/TF-104G was already completed in March 1993 and the A-7E arrived. It was a surprise that F-104G number 32720 was still at Araxos in 50th. Anniversary colors of 335 MV.

F-104G 7151 was photographed in May 1993 and was still in 50th. Anniversary colors of 336 MV.

A-7E 158825 of 335 MV in 60th. Anniversary colors seen on the taxiway of Araxos in June 2007.

F-16s from Araxos participated in the exercise INIOHOS 2017 which took place at nearby Andravida Air Base. The photo was taken on the 20th of March 2017 and shows 017 from 335MV with CFT tanks.

At the moment of our visit in September 2011 around 20 A-7Es/TA-7Cs were operational with 336 MV.

TA-7C 156790 of 336 MV ready for a morning mission in September 2011.

F-16C 1045 (ex USAF serial  93-1045/ED) of 335 MV. This aircraft returned from the USA in spring 2016 were it was a test plane part of 412nd TW since May 1997. In the USA it flew at Edwards AFB in California. Photo September 2016.

F-16D 026 from 335 MV photographed on the 30th of March 2017.

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